Getting ready for conference--The one-page

Getting Ready for Conference--The One-Page

Until recently I had never heard of a one-page. I've gone to too many conferences to count and I hadn't heard this term. Today I spent several hours researching the one-page and how to create one. I will attach a copy of what I came up with.

In general, the one-sheet consists of a hook, book blurb, genre, word count, author photo, contact information, and some creativity. In addition to my book blurb, I wanted to convey what my book is about by using a visual description. My colorful photographs, along with utilizing the color scheme of my brand, allows the viewer an instant "feeling" for the story I am telling.

As you can probably tell, I write about wild horses and the coast. I love the colorful images and find the photographs not only pleasing to the eye but truthful to the story I have written.

The one-page can be used when pitching to agents and editors at a conference. It gives them a focal point and promotes conversat…